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What is on offer?

What kind of products do you offer at

This web-shop offers synthetic voices and programs for reading text from applications: MiniSpeech and Speech2Go. MiniSpeech can read from applications, like Word or Internet browsers. Speech2Go recognizes text from graphic files, converts files in many formats to text and later records the text into audio files for use with mp3 players and many more applications.

For reading the text we offer highest quality voices for Windows in SAPI5 standard. These voices may be used with above mentioned MiniSpeech and Speech2Go applications and with third party applications as well. We offer the following voices:

- Ivona 2 OEM text-to-speech that use patented BrightVoice technology.

- Nuance Vocalizer Expressive voices providing enhanced expressivity and natural sounding speech.

Will I get updates with corrections and improvements of your programs and voices?

All Speech2Go or MiniSpeech users who purchased programs and voice at will keep getting FREE updates of Speech2Go, MiniSpeech, IVONA 2 OEM nad Nuance Vocalizer Expressive voices as long as the web-shop will keep offering them.


Order placing

When my order is going to be delivered?

Your order is processed immediately after payment. You will receive an e-mail message with an activation code and a link to the installation program.

Is it possible to make payment directly to the store bank account?

No. The web store is all automatic and accept only one of the on-line payment methods. Payment may be made only using credit card or PayPal.

I would like to try the software first. Is there any trial version of text-to-speech voices or Speech2Go program available?

Yes. You may download a trial version from the voice's page. You can download and use it free for 30 days.

How to change the Web store language?

You can change the language using a switch in the top right corner of the screen. Available are English and Polish languages.

How do I get a quote in another currency?

You can change to another currency by clicking the top right corner of the screen and changing to „EUR”, „PLN” or „USD”.

In what currency may I pay?

Prices are given in EUR, USD and Polish zloty. The payment systems (PayPal, VISA etc.) convert to the currencies from any client's currency.

I can't find a place to make a payment. How to make a payment?

After approval of the terms of sale the payment icons will show up automatically at the bottom of the order. You will have to follow the prompts of the chosen payment method.

May I get an invoice or proforma invoice before payment?

No. The only way to complete a purchase of voices and programs is through an automatic process that requires the use of one of the on-line payment methods. After the purchase you will receive an invoice automatically.

How is the order going to be delivered?

You will receive an e-mail with activation code and a download link. In case you are not getting any e-mail after an hour or so - please look through your spam folder.

I paid my order. Where is my activation code and download link?

First, please check your spam folder. If you can't find a message with the activation code, please contact us at

Will I receive an invoice for the purchased software?

Yes. Electronic invoice is sent immediately after purchase. You can also download the invoice from the "Product History" at your customer account.

What is "30 days money back guarantee"?

Should you, for any reason, wish to return Speech2Go program and/or voices purchased from the website, we will refund the full price paid. This warranty lasts for thirty days from the date of purchase. If you have technical problems or if you simply donnot like our product, please contact and ask for refund. You will be asked to delete the purchased products from your computer.


Technical issues

Do I need to buy MiniSpeech or Speech2Go application with voices?

Single voices contain a free program called MiniSpeech - a simple application that reads a selected text in many applications (e.g. Microsoft Word or Internet browsers).
S2G + voice packages containg Speech2Go program for reading text, converting files in many formats (Word, pdf) to text, convert graphic files to text and later record the text into audio file. This file may be used in an mp3 player or in many other ways.

Purchasing Speech2Go in a package is cheaper than separately, please consider your purchase carefully before making it.

Do the programs and voices run on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10?

The software is fully compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Does MiniSpeech or Speech2Go work as an assistive screen reader for visually impaired persons?

No, neither MiniSpeech nor Speech2Go are specialised screen reader programs for use by visually impaired persons. The MiniSpeech can read selected text, Speech2Go additionally converts many file formats to text and then text to audio. If you are looking for a screen reader - you may contact one of the VI (vision impairment) specialists.

May I use the offered voices on an Android system?

In our web store we only deliver products for Windows. For Android products you need to go to the Google Play store (in the Android system itself).

I have installed software using the link received. The installation completed successfully but the application is not installed on my computer.

Please check if MiniSpeech or Speech2Go icon can be found in your Start Menu? If yes - this is the program to be used. Text-to-speech voices are installed in the system as SAPI5 synthesizers and may be used by programs like Speech2Go or MiniSpeech to generate speech.

May I activate two different voices on one computer?

Yes, even if they are purchased as separate packages.

What programs can I use with the voices?

Text-to-speech voices may be used by any program that supports Windows SAPI5 standard (e.g. screen readers or book readers), like Speech2Go or MiniSpeech (one of the two is included in any package purchased).

After formatting the computer hard drive I can't find the previously purchased software any more.

Any previously purchased voice installation program may be downloaded from our website as trial version. Please download the appropriate package, install it and activate with the previously received activation key.

Activation of the programs and voices

In order to activate programs and/or voices you need to have an activation key which you should have received after purchase. To enter the key and activate the voice just run one of the installed programs: MiniSpeech or Speech2Go.

If the prompt for activation is repeating every time you run the program or if the key is not accepted, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Start Menu.
2. Then choose “All Programs”.
3. Followed by Speech2Go voice package.
4. Next Voice Pack Register Code.
5. Enter the provided key in text area.

Your voices should be active now.

I would like to be sure that no problems will occure after purchasing the product. I want a technical support and a refund in case I am not satisfied.

We do provide uninterrupted support, in case of faults in software we correct them. On top of that we encourage you to try the software for 30 days without need for purchase, and later we guarantee money back for another 30 day period in case you are not satisfied. This sums up to 60 days for taking your final decision. Over this time we hope we will convince you that we are able to fulfill your requirements.

How will I get updates to the programs and voices?

After each time you run MiniSpeech or Speech2Go a check for new versions is performed. If the system can see any new version on our server, it will pop up a message asking if you want to do the update at the moment.


To uninstall all purchased applications from your computer:
1. Open Control Panel.
2. Open “Programs and Features”.
3. Find the Speech2Go or MiniSpeech program on the list of installed applications and click it with the right mouse button.
4. Click Uninstall and follow on-screen instructions.
5. Repeat the procedure for each IVONA or Nuance voice application on the list.

When all IVONA programs are uninstalled, remove all IVONA folders from the Application Data folder. The quickest way to find the Application Data folder is pressing Win+r and typing: “%appdata”. When you press Enter, the Application Data folder will open. Find all folders with "IVONA" in their name and delete them.
If you added any entries to the voice lexicons, copy the IVONA 2 Voice folder to another place before you remove it from the Application Data folder. The IVONA 2 Voice folder contains user’s own preferences.

Adding rules to the dictionary

Each IVONA Voice includes one lexicon file per language. The lexicon file allows you to determine the pronunciation of any word or phrase.
The simplest way to add a lexicon rule is via the IVONA Voice settings window. You may access voice settings as follows:

Control Panel:
1. Go to “Ease of Access”.
2. Next “Speech Recognition”.
3. Click “Text to Speech” in the left column.
4. Choose IVONA Voice and click Settings button.
5. Click Lexicon bookmark.

MiniSpeech orSpeech2Go:

1. Click the gearwheel icon labaled Voice Settings.
2. Click More settings.
3. Click Lexicon Bookmark.

In the lexicon window there are two fields: “From:” and “To:”. In “From:” text area enter the original phrase or word, and in “To:” text area enter required pronunciation. Apply changes. You can also change or delete any existing rule.

If you require more information regarding TTS pronunciation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Lexicon crashes

The lexicon editor crashes can happen if there are different versions of the IVONA Voices installed on the system. In order to solve this issue, please remove all IVONA Voices and install the latest version sent in the second email. Please be aware that the lexicon file will also be uninstalled. To save all your entries follow the steps below.

The IVONA Voice lexicon edited by the user is located in the Application Data folder.

1. Open Start menu or press Windows key + R.
2. In “Search programs and files” area enter %appdata%.
3. Press OK button.

There you will find IVONA 2 Voice folder containing the lexicon file, e.g english-ivona.lex. If you need to install the IVONA Voice on another device or want to save your lexicon rules, please copy this file to a safe place. With Windows 10 the lexicon is located at C:\ProgramData\RS_S2G_VP

When voice is installed on the new computer, move lexicon file to the above mentioned location.

How to read with MiniSpeech or Speech2Go applications?

Reading with MiniSpeech and Speech2Go is comfortable and easy:

1. Launch the application.
2. With a mouse or keyboard select text you want to read.
3. Click Read in MiniSpeech or Speech2Go or press Ctrl+Shift+Space.

If the text is not read, make sure that before you click Read, you don’t unselect text selected for reading.

The application seems to work properly but I can't hear any sound

The disabled volume or sound for text-to-speech engines is a result of incorrect settings for audio devices on Windows system. In order to solve this issue it is required to set up the audio output for the text synthesizer:

1. Go to Control Panel followed by “Ease of Access”.
2. Next go to “Speech Recognition”.
3. Click “Text to Speech” in the left column.
4. Choose a Microsoft voice and click Advanced settings.
5. Click “Use this audio output device” and expand the devices menu.
6. Select “Next Device” on the list, press OK.
7. Click “Preview Voice”.

Repeat the above mentioned steps for all available Audio devices until you will be able to hear the voice.

Termination of trial version

A trial version of all applications offered at is fully functional for 30 days starting from the first day the program was installed.
If your Trial expires prior to 30 days, it may mean that the program had already been installed and launched on this computer. It might be done long ago or by another person.
The trial period cannot be prolonged. We recommend testing the voices on another computer.


License issues

I want to use the voices in a commercial product.

The voices offered at are for individual use only. The produced audio may not be broadcast in any way. For commercial use products (as opposed to home use) please go to our dedicated service at

Is it legal to install text-to-speech voices on three computers?

Under the terms of license, the program can be installed on one computer. To install on three computers, you need to purchase three separate licenses. Any voice purchased at web store can be installed aside any other voice existing already in the system.

Is the software license duration limited?

No. You may use the software without any time limitations.

In case of changing my computer, may I use the purchased voice on my new computer?

Yes, the activation code should run on the new computer. You are not allowed to use the software on two machines at the same time, however.

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